The MU, Songfest and Shlomo

The Musicians’ Union hosted an event at SongFest yesterday with Shlomo who demonstrated his beatboxing technique and showed us how to do it.

Shlomo has collaborated with a range of artists and has pushed the boundaries of beatboxing, which is something he aims to continue to do. One of his earliest collaborations was with Icelandic pop queen Bjork on her all vocal album Medulla in 2004.

Raised on a strict childhood diet of orchestral percussion and jazz drums, Shlomo instinctively began making vocal music as a small child. He explained that initially he mimicked other beatboxers, such as Rahzel who developed the stagecraft of beatboxing and put on one-man shows that became a sensation through the internet, which was still in its early days.

Throughout Shlomo’s career he has consistently pushed the boundaries of beatboxing, bringing the art form to new and unexpected audiences through hugely diverse collaborations.

For more information, see Shlomo’s website at:

SongFest is an annual song-writing festival run by the British Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) and this year it took place at the Bedford in Balham, South London.

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