The MU, MMF and FAC announce a new coalition

The Musicians’ Union, Music Managers Forum and Featured Artists Coalition have announced a new coalition between the three organisations.

They have also confirmed their united support of the Music Supported Here campaign. Together they hope to give artists and musicians a more powerful voice, raising awareness of the issues, and encouraging musicians to speak to other musicians and directly to fans about music in the digital world.

Horace Trubridge, Assistant General Secretary of the MU: We feel they (The FAC) are an organisation that the MU should be working very closely with, and likewise with the MMF.

The three organisations basically share the same agendas in as much as we are about looking after creators and performer.

We want to deal with the big issues that we think are wrong with the industry.

In terms of putting the artists directly in contact with the fans, and cutting out all of the people in between, I don’t have any doubt that MSH will become a kind of vanguard in what will become the industry norm in years to come.

Matthew Brown, Membership & Development Dir. of the FAC: The MMF, the FAC and the MU, represent the interests of artists right across the board. Each organization has a lot to bring to the coalition. All this lays the groundwork for a powerful collaboration.

Coming together in this way has never happened before and has largely been brought on by the narrowing of the gap between artist and fan; a change that brings lots of opportunity for all those who support and represent artists.

Jon Webster, CEO of the MMF: The MMF is delighted to be working more closely with the FAC and the MU on items of common interest. Managers have always represented featured artists and their interests and those of musicians of all types need to be more aligned.

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  1. What a great coalition, can’t wait to see where this goes.

    Reply to Stu’s comments.

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