Pure practice makes for the perfect solo

There are more and more innovative digital music services appearing online and on mobiles. Many are targeted at musicians themselves, including PureSolo, an online store that allows a developing musician to record versions of solos from well-known tracks to share via the site.

The service is part digital audio recorder, part shop and part social network. It is designed for developing musicians, appearing to cater for both instrumentalists and vocalists.

Although licensing lyrics and sheet music for digital consumption has been a minefield of complexity over the last decade, PureSolo are offering both for 20,000 songs, which scroll alongside backing tracks. Most of the solo-less recordings are performed by professional contributors, but the service is hoping to offer more official instrumentals from major artists (as happens with Guitar Hero and Rockband), having already done a deal with Dire Straits. Songs cost between 49p and £1.99, and include jazz, classical, pop and rock numbers.

There is an emphasis on community, with a Facebook tie-in and competitions to encourage sharing and interaction.

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