New coalition to tackle contentious digital music issues

The as yet unnamed coalition between the Musicians’ Union, Music Managers Forum and Featured Artists Coalition will turn its attention to the issue of on air/on sale lead times.

The MMF has recently been working to highlight the debate about whether release dates should be moved closer to radio pre-release dates, in order to curb file-sharing. Jeremy Silver, acting CEO of FAC, identifies this as an opportunity for the industry to change ‘anachronistic’ business practices in order to tackle the root causes of casual file-sharing, namely the impatience of music fans to own tracks immediately after hearing them. This logic is in direct opposition to the traditional thinking that radio play prior to a single release helps build momentum, leading to higher first week sales.

As well as this, the coalition is also calling on labels to license artists to sell their music digitally through their websites, alongside iTunes and other digital stores. The MU claim that this move will better connect fans to artists, and guarantee at least some income from digital sales.

The coalition refers to itself as an artist-focused alignment of interests that runs in tandem with the umbrella organisation UK Music.

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