Have you been asked to work for free?

Work Not Play

This week, concerned at the growing trend of professional musicians not being paid for their work, the Musicians’ Union is launching a campaign for fair pay for musicians. If you’ve been asked to work for free, tweet about it using the hashtag #WorkNotPlayMU.

The team at MSH knows that as musicians you love what you do. But that is no excuse for businesses like Café Rouge asking musicians to work for free at charity events where everyone else working gets paid, and only a third of the revenue goes to charitable causes.

John Smith, MU General Secretary, said “Too many people seem to think that music and entertainment are a hobby rather than a career, and are unaware of the years of training and hard work that it takes to become a professional performer.”

You can read more about the campaign and testimonials from professionals – including how they said no – at www.worknotplay.co.uk.



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